2009 Wish List

Inspired by Septian Budi, I think it’s quite necessary to list down my wish list for 2009, and will review it by the end of the year. Here they are:

  1. Own a two-bedroom house around Bintaro-BSD area.
  2. Acknowledge as an international higher education specialist
  3. Start and finish an articles to submit in an international conference
  4. Attend a seminar or conference relate to International Higher Education abroad
  5. Take a Short Course in the Netherlands
  6. Travel around Europe including back to Birmingham and London, UK
  7. Travel to Derawan, Borneo or Taka Bone Rate, South Sulawesi
  8. Travel to Bali and Lombok
  9. Visit at least 7 cities minimum relate to job assignment
  10. Read stories for Indonesian ailing children
  11. Win a car from my saving accounts
  12. Birkenstock sandals
  13. Have an IMac
  14. Nokia phone
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