2010 wish list

I enjoyed of doing this for 2009. Have proved to myself  by knowing your own wish list, you would never believe most of your dreams are then becoming true.

I present you my wish list for 2010:

  1. Move to my new house! soon…
  2. Start and finish an articles to submit in an international conference.
  3. Attend a seminar or conference relate to International Higher Education abroad.
  4. Get a new job at one of the best 200 University abroad (Singapore, England, Netherlands)
  5. Get a scholarship in Scandinavian country (Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark)
  6. Get a Short Course in the Netherlands.
  7. Visit at least 7 NEW cities minimum relate to job assignment.
  8. Travel to Eastern Part of Indonesia (Sulawesi, NTT, Maluku and Papua).
  9. Diving and snorkeling in Sabang Island, Derawan, Komodo Island and Taka Bone Rate.
  10. Cycling in the Netherlands.
  11. Become a premium customer in a bank.
  12. Win a car from my saving account.
  13. Getting engage with her  (well, I know who she is).


  1. Whohoo youve done your 2010 list 🙂 well done!
    ENGAGED?????? who is this mystery woman and when do i get to know ? :p


  2. i hate u ono! ngapain lu ke belanda lagi??
    jatah gw itu nooooo!!! huhu.. sepedahan di belanda.

  3. @Karima: hihihi, tunggu tanggal mainnya
    @Iboy: yeee, wish list kan gratis Boy, ayo dunk siapa tahu jatah gue dan loe barengan

  4. amiiiiinnnnnnn!!! jadi buddy gw ya di belanda :))

  5. He he gw baru baca ini wish list! 😀
    Ayo ‘no, aku dukung terutama untuku masalah ‘engagement’-nya… (tuh, tuh tuh… mana yang lebih mujarab tuh?)

  6. Who is she?? I’ts the best woman for u…and i hope she is special woman in you life…^_^

  7. cie…cie… poin 13 ..getting engage …selamat ya ono:)

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