Posted by: katakataono | March 30, 2008

Morning Mood

Living as unemployment makes my days start bit late than others. Normally, i wake up early in the morning for Subuh Pray, and then get back to bed to continue sleeping. This habit somehow makes me forget how lovely morning ambiance is.

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to change that routine and not to sleep after Subuh Praying. Instead of watching TV or reading morning newspaper, I attempt to walk around my surroundings and feel morning spirit coming to my body. Actually, this is an absolutely great idea. For quite long time i forget how morning mood is unspeaking magnificent atmosphere. While running, i could barely listen the birds singing, water flowing in the river, children laughing, dogs shouting or even the sound of presenters in television cheer up morning mood. Amazing.

I feel blessed for this experience and miss the moment while I sit in the studio, behind the microphone and mixer, said to my listeners:

Selamat Pagi!!!



  1. gembroootttt

  2. how i miss being a “morning person”

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