Posted by: katakataono | March 25, 2008

Lesson Learned

Never underestimate the function of deposit counter in praying room. I normally never put attention to leave my shoes everywhere in mosque or praying room. Until i find out that pay around Rp.1,000 for deposit your shoes is really worth to pay.

The “accident” happened this afternoon at Plaza Senayan praying room. Soon after i finished my lunch with my best friend Nuke at Sushi Tei, we were planning to go shopping around Plaza Senayan. However, we decided to do that after pray. Like a normal day, i leaved my new shoes under the chair in the lobby and went into the praying room. I think i remember see my shoes quite long to make sure its brand doesn’t comes out , and cover it by my socks. I pray for around 5-6 minutes, and out of the blue met Adhy Fredya former reporter of I-Radio FM Jakarta. After chit-chat for a while, together we leave praying room to take our shoes back.

I have big surprise knowing my shoes were no longer in its place. It takes me a minutes to make sure those HP were stolen by somebody. Well, we could not claim cause leaving our shoes in a public place like that. The story would be different if i ask somebody to take care my shoes in deposit counter.

This story was written to you who never has this experience. Please, do take care of your shoes. I did not blame Plaza Senayan security system cause this happened as result of my ignorance to deposit counter. I never expected this could happen to me, as this is my first time experience loose pair of shoes in one of the most expensive shopping mal in Jakarta. Mostly i leave my shoes under those chair and nothing ever happen to me before.

Hopefully next time, i could be more careful to my lovely shoes.



  1. wah ono.. pindahan ga bilang2 ;p
    iya no, we have to provide all the necessary precautions. better luck next time!

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