Posted by: katakataono | March 25, 2008

A matter of choosing

I read this post 2 days ago and makes me wonder what writer thought was actually mine as well. In the last 2 month i’ve been thinking to have my own space *could be a house or apartment* separated from my parents. The main reason is definitely i need my own privacy, hahaha *Am i need that?*.

I started to collect several brochures from different property all over Jabotabek. Well, here are the considerations:

Apartment : Usually located quite strategically around city centre, quite cheap comparing with a house in the same location, provide with complete facilities such as swimming pool, gym, public park, close with transportation system, 24 hours security, 48 hours privacy (too hyperbolic), and save my transportation cost.

But then, instead of using it and you decide to lease out the property, we need to consider an extra cost for maintenance fee. Last weekend i just saw some show unit apartment in South Jakarta, assuming the scale is 1:1, the size of apartment is actually quite depressing.

House: Finding an affordable house in the city centre suit with your pocket is actually quite difficult. Living in Jakarta force us to deal with the traffic, flood, poor transportation system, etc. Instead of price, location will become a major problem to choose the right place for a house. I reckon, location suit with my pocket is usually out of town, like Tangerang, Depok or Bekasi. Actually, i wish could find an affordable house around: Bintaro, Kebagusan, Ciganjur, Pasar Rebo, Kebon Jeruk area.

Some advantages of having a house instead of apartment are more flexible, doesn’t have to pay maintenance fee, more spacious for garden and expand more rooms, have quite interesting thematic idea, ect. Some people are tend to stay in the ground rather than in high rise building like apartment because they think about the possibility of earth quake hit the town, and chance to safe our life. Actually i don’t mind with the last reason, since my great concern of having a house is likely to be more in location. I have an experience to loose the quality of life because i spend my time more in the road rather than at home.

Furthermore, one more consideration of choosing house or apartment is the mortgage. Does anyone knows which back could give you lowest interest rate?


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