Posted by: katakataono | February 3, 2008

Kick B.J. Habibie

I know former president B.J Habibie since i was a child. My father told me that when he and his family live in Makasar, Habibie’s family reside as their next door neighbor. I remember Mas Fanny Habibie, B.J’s brother came to my grandfather’s house in Surabaya to reveal how he miss our family. At that point i conclude Habibies must be very nice clan.

It has been ages i did not hear B.J. Habibie’s news until he came to Jakarta to meet former President Suharto while he was in hospital. And he was invited to some talk show calls Kick Andy in MetroTV. Luckily i had a chance to see that show when he interviewed B.J. He mentioned about Suharto’s resignation and the story behind emergence of reform era in 1998.

It was quite interesting story to hear especially when he mentioned minutes by minutes about what happened in the Jakarta’s political golden triangle, Merdeka Palace, Cendana and Kuningan while Suharto step down from his chair as Indonesian President for more than 3 decades. I adore him since he was become the smartest minister in the cabinet. He has great concern in the development of education sector and transfer of technology, and i proved it while i did research for my bachelor thesis. One of his highlight in my opinion is, he has a dream to develop Indonesian Islamic student who has potentiality to grow, cause people seems to underestimate the quality of Madrasa alumni. Insan Cendekia High School become his pilot project to prove that judgment was wrong. Those school collects the best junior Madrasa graduates from all over Indonesia and educate them in a boarding school system. All of the first 2 generation whose graduated from those school were accepted in well recognize Public University, mostly UI or ITB. According to my research, the result showed this school socialize high degree of Life Long Learning values to their students. His biggest failure for this country is to let East Timor get separated from Indonesia.

However, during the interview i realise how he shown great respect and honor to other, his enemies, and more importantly people who help him. He has shown his integrity as a man, very open minded, support freedom of thinking, know how to respect people. Even he remembered the day when Wiranto for the first time talked to him in Istiqlal Mosque and ask whether he could join ICMI (The National Council of Moslem Intelectuals).

Anyway, after watching Kick Andy, i still thought B.J is adorable and inspiring person to be.

One day, I am sure would have an opportunity to talk and share something with him. God, i know You’ll answer my wish cause i believe You never disappointed me.



  1. ndut, kan ada ya bukunya BJ Habibi yg crita ttg kronologis turunnya soeharto, lupa gw judulnya. i adore him too btw hehe.

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