Posted by: katakataono | January 27, 2008

Visi and Misi Hidup

1. Start life after finished my master as a great Education Promotion and oftenly travel around as part of my assignment.

2. Working as an announcer in an international radio station in Washington DC (VOA), London (BBC) or Singapore (RSI).

3. Working in United Nation for humanitarian area as media specialist after accomplished my dream working on international radio station for about 5 years. This becomes my last career path, and work in UN until retired.

4. Getting marry in the age of 30, have a beautiful wife (with a great smile and wonderful personality) and great children (one boy and one girl) and life happily ever after in a chic house with 3 bedrooms, with red bricks wall, lots of windows, vast garden, and only 30 minutes from city centre, have a cat like teddy, etc.

5. Living in Norway, Austria or Finland and continue my education dream for PhD.

6. Living extremely healthy without any disease at least till i am 75 years old.

7. Travel around the world as part of my job duty.

8. Take my parents for doing hajj

9. Create a travel video (from several parts in Indonesia and the world) and upload it in youtube as a travel guide for public. As a result, i need to have a Sony Camcorder DCR-SR82.

10. Have a foundation to support child education and or cheer up children in the hospital.



  1. ono….

    idem deh! cuma saya pengennya di bidang development gitu lah. one day i’d have “Public Sector Specialist” under my name on the business card 😀 hehehehe!

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