Posted by: katakataono | January 6, 2003

gara-gara seharian kemaren panik, deg2an, capek bgt fisik dan mental, hari ini gue gak enak badan bgt, mana harus siaran ntar malem……

tp lucu banget,hari ini nemu website2 yg bisa bikin nama gue dalam berbagai versi,cool abis, ini dia nama2 gue!kalo mau ganti, tinggal pilih aja kali…….

according to the Red Book of Westmarch In Middle-earth, Ariono Hadipuro was a Forgotten Cave-Troll

elven Name Possibilities for Ariono Hadipuro is Sindaram or Sindaramion

Hobbit lad name for Ariono Hadipuro : Merimas Hornblower from Binbale Wood

Hobbit lass name for Ariono Hadipuro : Primrose Hornblower from Binbale Wood

Dwarven Name for Ariono Hadipuro : Frerin Stormfury

Orkish Name for Ariono Hadipuro : Skarukh the One-eyed

hobbit name : Meriadoc Bramble of Willowbottom

smurf name : ibn al’ Smurf

pokename : Pikawhirl (You live in the arctic wastes of Alaska, and your diet consists mostly of TV dinners, insects and beer,You can spit broken glass. You have bionic implants. You can throw slime. You can eat lava. You can breathe acid. You can shoot maple syrup. You have a song in your heart. You can swim in Mr. PiBB. You can walk on Dr. Pepper)

classical music name : Ludwig Hornblower

jazz name : Stew Dio

country name : Mack Truck

hip hop name : Shank Miester

star wars name : Ariha Erjak Orustarlet of Thypus

mormon monkey name : Carrington Cairo


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